Bel Albatros is committed to ensuring the entire production cycle, from harvest to production.


This is the starting point of the project. It is done in collaboration with Bruxelles Propreté and various Belgian manufacturers. We collect their waste in order to set up our recycling sector.

Bel Albatros is the only chain for the recovery and recycling of LDPE waste used for flexible packaging in short circuits, so far incinerated at the end of the cycle.

With us, this plastic waste from Brussels is recycled and transformed to become the raw material essential to our production.


This collected waste is sorted by plastic families and colors in our workshop located in the center of Brussels.


The waste is crushed and reduced to the state of chips which are then heated and compressed to obtain a panel. This panel is therefore made of 100% waste and is 100% recyclable.

Nothing is lost, everything is recycled.

Any project ?

You have an idea, we have the know-how.


Needs analysis, feasibility study, technical answers, layout and design, Bel Albatros supports you in the different stages of your eco-design project.

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